Double Double Jackpot Poker – Learn How to Play at Bodog

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slot machines video poker and today we

are going to be playing video poker and

joining me is matt bourie who’s the

editor of the american casino guide book

how’s it going everybody and today we’re

on video playing double double

bonus uh pull up the pay table here this

is nine six double double bonus you get

all your bonuses for four of a kinds


and uh

just gonna put this out here as a

disclaimer we’re playing in the training

mode right now steve and i have pretty

much no idea how to play this game we do

not play this game in casinos because

steve hates volatility

i do i have a general idea of how to

play this game so let’s see how close to

the real idea that actually is

yeah and that little stop light in the

corner is going to let us know if we’re

right or not well obviously here we got

to get a pair of fives i would think


okay now one thing about double double

bonus this is the most popular game in

casinos when i go out to las vegas when

matt and i go out to las vegas it is the

most popular game more people play this

game but uh

it’s it’s a very volatile game because

there’s some rare hands and if you don’t

get the rare hands uh you’re gonna have

a terrible day

and and you need a bigger bankroll to

play with this because you could be

waiting a long time for those good hands

yeah because the main issue here is that

that uh two pair pays even money and two

pair happens quite a bit as you can see

right there paid five credits so let’s

keep going i think this is an easy one

i think we’re gonna go for four to the


all right and then that little stop sign

there the green means yes you played

your hand correctly the yellow means oh

you made a minor error and the red means

oh boy you made a big mistake

i assume it’s this because i know if you

have i’m pretty sure in this game if you

have two off suit face cards and one of

them is an ace you only keep the ace

but since these two are suited you go

for that let’s go turbo mode


we’ll speed it up okay just the king

there i believe

look at this we are geniuses dad

well i wouldn’t go that far because

we’re going to get an ace up here at

some point and i think sometimes you

just keep one ace it’s uh

yeah yeah i’m waiting for that and i

know in this game i’m almost 99 sure

because i did years ago when i was

playing at a casino oh how many royal

flushes we gonna get dad i’m gonna say


you are correct i was playing this game

for a while back years ago at a casino

and i just briefly glanced over the

strategy just because it was the best

game they had and i was there for like a


i believe in this game if you get dealt

a full house

with three aces you throw away the full

house and go for four aces i believe

because of the donuts

actually we have the feature

in this game where we can pick any hand

i’m gonna pick that hand and see if that

is actually the case let’s see ace ace


nine nine

deal it

so normally you would keep a full house

let’s see if it says this is wrong

it does slightly wrong slightly wrong so

you only keep the aces oh we did got

three of them there how about that

all right and bring up the pay table

again so everyone can see

and and one thing about this where uh

the kickers or what it’s important

uh or 180 if you get it with the kicker

then you’re up uh 2 000 from 800 to 2000

for 500 um with a kicker the kicker

being any of the small cards two three

or four uh the same thing happens it’s

it’s like regular bonus poker kind of

but better

so you are but not better but pays more

so the you can get the four races

without a kicker’s 800

quads of 234 is 400 so that’s the same

as bonus poker and then it just pays a

bit more and then the top of this pay

table here adds the kickers

so you can get four twos threes or fours

if you get it with an ace two three or

four it pays 800 instead of 400

and then if you get four aces with a two

three or four it pays 2 000 over here

instead of the 800. right and and

they’re going they give you good payoffs

there but they take it away in the uh

even money for two pair yeah

now the full pay version of this game

we’re we’re playing the less than full

pay uh is ten six so

can you play this in and bring up this

pay table one more time yeah so it’s it

would be this is nine six double double

bonus because it pays nine for a full

house and six for a flush uh the full

pay version steve was just talking about

is 10-6 so it pays 10 coins for a full

house instead of nine and that pays over

a hundred percent yeah slightly over a

hundred percent but that game is very

hard to find you may find it in some

casinos in nevada

maybe locals casinos

outside nevada you’re not going to find

that game


well we’re getting pretty easy hands oh

here we go i didn’t even ask for this

one oh you know what it’s got to be that

feature it’s got to be that feature

where it’s replaying the one that i

played wrong earlier

two of them none with a kicker though

yeah when you have this gold membership

because normally you can go to and play play for fun

you can put up you can get a free

account and they’ll show ads while you

play the other thing is you won’t be

able to know the strategy because you

have to upgrade your membership for that

but if you use our link down there video acg

you will get a free 14 day gold

membership which is what we’re playing

here and you have the little stop light

on the on the side there so let you know

whether or not you played your hand

properly oh we got quads there look at

that oh look at that and uh the other

thing is you don’t have to put in any

credit card information if you went

there on your own you you would only get

a seven day membership and you’d have to

put in your credit card information and

if you didn’t remember to cancel it they

charge a card

but with this special link you can go

there and

sign up for 14-day travel v7 and you

have to put in any credit card

information yeah the other cool thing

you can do with that gold membership is

up here it says custom pays we can

enable that you can change to all these

different games and all these different

pay tables so if we go to double double

bonus here

you can see if we were to change it to

10.6 double double bonus it goes above

100 percent so it’s 100 point it’s

barely over a hundred percent but it is

above a hundred percent

and uh so but we’re gonna stay on this

nine six game here we’re gonna play for

a bit and then uh once we see i think do

you go inside straights in this game i

think you do right not but i i have no


i guess you do that answers and look at

that you got a whole two of them

two out of 50. bet 250 credits we won 40

credits that’s like making money right

there that was


okay yeah and then so we’re gonna play

this a bit make sure we know the general

idea of it and then we’re gonna go into

some of the other game modes uh without

the training and see if we can make the


so here you have the two suited cards so

jacks are better in bonus poker you’d

keep this i believe this is incorrect

and you keep just the ace though let’s

see yeah i think so yes just the ace

you really like steve said a lot of the

pay tables so here’s an inside straight

again let’s see is it inside straight

over one high card still

no it’s not one high card okay

as steve was saying earlier a lot of the

paid uh off of this game is towards the

top this is a top heavy payoff so the

more rare hands

pay more so you’re really fishing for

those four aces so a lot of times you’ll

throw away other stuff and hope for four



sixes i believe


another quads we’re the best

you’re on fire

king ace i think

unless you’re in a real casino then it

doesn’t happen yeah no never all right

so again i believe it’s just the ace

here instead of ace jack


if it was suited you keep both of them


yeah one thing you got to keep in mind

about video poker whenever gamble


the uh strategy changes a little

and certainly depending on the game

whether you play if you were playing

jacks or better that’s different than

this especially goose’s wild is is very

different than the attacks are better

yeah you can you can if you’re playing

jacks or better or if you’re playing

bonus poker if you know the strategy for

one but all the casino your ad has is

the other you can pretty much use the

same strategy and get away with it and

still have a decent payoff

not in these those are pretty much the

only two games like if you if you went

from took a jackson better strategy and

tried to play that on deuces wild

you’d well because there’s wild cards so

of course it’s going to be terrible

and that’s one of the reasons we tell

people you shouldn’t uh because i’ve

seen people in the casino they’ll jump

from you know double bonus poker the

deuce is wild jacks are better the bonus

poker yeah they’ll play like a few hands

and then switch and it’s crazy to do

that because each time you know the

strategy changes so it’s good to try and

practice the same game whatever game you

like find the game you like

practice the strategy because there’s

always only one mathematically correct

way to play your hand in any given

situation and this is is how you learn

it from a program like this where it

tells you whether or not you played your

hand correctly yeah and another thing to

do is if you’re going out of town and

you’re not sure what games they have but

you want to know ahead of time what

games they have so that you can practice

uh there’s a great website called so it’s

you can go there steve and i go there

anytime we’re going on a trip uh we look

to see what games and they’ll tell you

all the game best games that are in the

casino it gives you a description of

where they are in the casino

oh man we are on fire with these four of

a kinds yeah until we get to the real

thing of the leaderboard oh no we’re

going to get four fours with

now do you keep the ace here as the

kicker i don’t think so well when you

have three of a kind and you’re drawing

a four of a kind you get your average

one out of 24 so you should get uh

i wouldn’t i don’t know if you keep the

a i’m pretty sure you don’t keep the ace

but let’s just do it and see hit the

draw button see what happens so you

would get one out of 24. okay so it did

yellow light so it wasn’t a terrible

mistake but let’s see

because you want to have you want to

have two chances at it

so yeah you should average uh two out of

fifty and there you go there’s your two

out of fifty

all right big winner though

that was a good one

well we are guaranteed to at least

triple up so we are guaranteed at least

  1. queen 10 is that in this game yep

yes all right so we’ve won we started

with 10 000 credits

we might not have because this game the

gold membership does track your progress

over time so no this one i believe i saw


started at 10 000. okay so we were

making a fortune here so now we’re gonna

go and switch to the other one

and uh i’m sure

sure we’re gonna get crushed here

probably we’re we’re going to try to

make a leaderboard uh what was it it was

super times pay


it’s gold exclusive super times pace

super stacks

this is our favorite game here this this

crazy this is a stupid game that we love

not sure i would ever play it in the

casino because it’s very very streaky

but i don’t think i’ve ever seen it in a

casino no it’s a new one but you got you

got two different multipliers in here

yeah it adds the multiplier like let

regular super times pay

but then it also uh gives you extra



but if you get one you get the other

automatically yeah so you’re always

going to get both so we are still in

double-double bonus right yes we’re

still in double-double bonus

let’s go so we started at about 15 000


you see over here on the right it says

your score for today we’re currently at

negative 85 credits

oh we can turn that around yes

okay we need to make the leader oh we

only need like 570 to be 10. yes isn’t


you can do that piece of cake

with these quads right here we’ll be


yeah let’s go how many none none

nope eight


it’s just this two pair even money on

the two pair is just killer that’s why

we don’t like this game it’s too streaky

for our

our blood i like my volatility but not

this much volatility

well like i only get four inches you’ll

be fine

although i do love playing deuces wild

i don’t never actually looked at the

volatility if that’s more volatile than

this probably because in that game if

you don’t get deuces you get killed no

this is more volatile


4678 uh we decided to keep the one hard

card over there

here we go okay so all right this

foolishness that i left 10 times

multiplier with 24 extra hands so we’re

getting 34 hands for the price of 10

hands with a ten times multiplier

well all we need is four of a kind now

royal flush royal flush we’re going for


this will be

this will

seal the deal 40 000 we’ll be on the

leaderboard here we go that would be

amazing let’s see

but you’re really dreaming oh come on oh

flush oh i saw the three i saw all those

zeros i thought we got it for a second


but so we bet a hundred credits we won


from what is that two jacks or bettors

three four jacks or bettors one flush

and a two pair and two more jacks are

better so so we’re on the plus side our

score today 30 points we are 30 points

in the black build it up let’s go

two three three four five

wow that was pathetic that was


five eight nine

i think so double inside straight flush


we got the straight and the flush we

just needed them together in one game

in normal jacks are better double inside

straight flush is just

above nothing just above throwing

everything away

so it’s like the worst hand you can get



all right guess back in the plus column

here man

i’m trying yeah

like you said though as soon as we went

to where it matters i go straight to

straight to crap


well it was you had a shot at it king 10

i think

yeah yeah because it paid six for a

flush right

are we still in nine six in this game

mode let’s see no yeah

three five six over an ace double double

bonus single insight yeah i guess keep

that bottom i would say keep the ace

that’s what i would think too

look how well that turned out for us

well it was a bad uh

king me king me


getting a whole bunch of nothing here as

it always turns out yeah well you get

one multiplier and uh

you can turn it all around one

multiplier with a good hand

we got the multiplier we got the good

multiplier and the good extra hand bonus

we just didn’t get the good hand to go

with it unfortunately that’s the problem

with these games with these oh here we


we getting four aces gotta get one of

them here come on

come on

oh that’s garbage

look at that garbage

i was sure you were going to get one

there man of a kind of nathan

where was this with our 10 times

multiplier and 24 extra hands

come on a multiplier would be nice

we’re still in the hole here i can

hardly see that yeah 740 in the hole


so oh i was going to say is this right i

think uh yeah with all three just the i

do not know

i say yes


i’ll blame it on you

as you always do

queen nine queen nine

two of them not bad we won money



let’s see 8 9 10 queen i believe

i know inside straight is uh

the play with

yeah if even with the yeah because we it

worked even you kept the four card

inside straight over with the king you

threw away the king for it i believe so

no reason you wouldn’t keep the queen

with it

oh there’s a four of a kind

now we’re only a thousand in the hole

oh wow

like something

well we need a multiplier come on how

often are we supposed to get a

multiplier in this game do you know

more often than we did let’s see

uh one in 11 games uh something tells me

it’s been a bit more than 11 games

so it’s interesting though that if you

read the uh instructions there the help

section it tells you how often you are

expected to get it yes i believe it does

that in the casino too

queen jack

this game is boring with no


this game’s expensive

it’s tens over the three card straight

flush right yeah

i would think so sure

because keep in mind you have to double

your bet in this game yeah unlike

regular super times pay where you’re

only betting one extra coin per hand and

this you’re betting five extra coins per


even if you’re dealt a winning hand a

winning pair you may not get your money

that’s only half of what you bet

another quads baby


i think since there’s two suited it’s

over the ace

i think

here we go

four to the royal let’s see i’m sure

four card royal again it was only a

three card royal last time

all right well you could miss it on a

four card royal now we got 24 extra

hands again oh look at this wow

a whole bunch of doo doo card

i don’t even know if we’re gonna break

even on this one dad

this is wow

wow this is pathetic

that is so again this this shows you

that uh even though

you get the multipliers you still got to

get a good hand

when you get that multiplier quads

which is why the game is so volatile

but people some people love the

volatility of this

steve is not one of those people i am

not yeah

i was playing the super times pay in


uh just the regular one not even this


well it was 50 play

i started 100 play and it got a little

expensive then i went that went down to

50 play

and still was expensive so

that’s a lot of volatility

and that’s why i don’t like the game

here we go oh dealt winner

two more and of course we get

very low multipliers

decent hands i think that’s facing hands

well you gotta you got a guaranteed

winner so we’ll take

get your four kings again

well you know you’re gonna make money

yes so

there you go

6 30. now we’re still only 1300 credits

in the hole

when you get these four aces

i’m sure if you keep playing this you’re

gonna get back-to-back multipliers i

just feel it oh yes


there you go see that’s almost back

today 30 hands that’s the most you can

get there i believe yeah but it’s only a

two time multiply unfortunately so we’re

getting 40 hands

40 hands

we’re gonna get quad threes

like eight times here i can feel it in

my bones eight of them i don’t think so

i’ll settle for one

one one

one of them would be nice

not even a full house wow

270 after all that

there were 40 hands there and that was

the best you could do

all right i don’t think we’re going to

make the leaderboards

i think we’re going to have to give up

on this one that okay we’re going to my

game that i love and you hate we’ll give

it one more shot to get on the

leaderboard here

okay which game is that

ultimate x gold baby

the new ultimate x i don’t like that

game either so again you have to double

your bet



10 play

it doesn’t really double bonus double


it doesn’t so the way this one works is

you know a regular ultimate x you double

your bet and if you get a winning hand

you’re gonna multiply on the next hand

this game

you get delta winning hand and it gives

you multiple it adds multipliers those

can stay there

so we got this you saw it just added uh

multipliers it uh it’ll up the

multiplier that’s already there if there

isn’t one or if or if there is one it’ll

up it if there’s not one it’ll add it


so you see we got three times multiplier

because it was sitting there so we got a

three of a kind so you hit it and it’ll


and and what did we bet and what did we

win there uh that’s a good question


and you have to get delta winning hand

to add the multipliers so we started at

ten thousand oh wait no we didn’t

we are

so far we’re winning here look at that

we’re up 75 credits so wow we got two

flushes so it had the multiplier it got

rid of it but it gives it to you on all

the hands that you get it on

my boy is a genius look at this so three

of a kind so then it’s going to add

multiplier so it added a get him up

there it made the flush three times it

made the full house three times

let’s see how we play this

how many four of a time

one full house so we got the three times

multiplier it hit us goes back to none


now is it just the ace even on a four

card straight

probably i i don’t know

i think i’d go for the straight but i

have no idea this is straight but it’s

straight seven times

so that’s the other thing about this

game is bob dancer see look we hit one

for 140 now bob dancer did a uh uh

uh column on this a while back

and what did he say there were like

inside street ten thousand what do you

say there were ten thousand different uh

uh well

the strategy would change depending on

what the multiplier is so you’re never

quite sure what the uh let’s see do we

have a multiplier on a straight flush no

we don’t so you’ll never get a

multiplier in royal flush or straight



and we got one flash that’s the that’s

kind of the

the bad thing about this is if you get

the multipl take the multiplier off and

you only get one of them

let’s see fours we need to get dealt

some winning hands here to add some more

multipliers there we go what did we get

dealt was it nines and fours

and now i was playing this game in a

casino and this game gets

very expensive and what’s interesting

was is i was playing and i got dealt a

full house

but if you have a multiplier on the

three of a kind that three of a kind

right there pays the same as a full

house with no if you have no multiplier

so i was keeping i was throwing away the

other two cards in the full house and

only keeping the three of a kind

because the three of a kind was paying

the same as a full house so like right

now in this scenario if we got dealt a

full house you would throw away the full

house and only keep the three of a kind

i think because it makes sense to me at

least because with a three times

multiplier on the three of a kind 15

times three is 45 you’re getting paid

the same amount as a full house and you

have options at quads


so that’s how we were talking about the

changing of the multipliers changes the

strategy of the game that would be one

strategy change there

and uh that was the only one that i

could think of as i was playing i only

played it for like 20 30 minutes because

very expensive game


only if you’re losing

yes it’s a it’s a fun game if you’re

winning yes if you’re losing it’s a very

expensive game yes

well as most casino games well we


yes straight flush to the moon

doubling oh yeah

you had it uh almost not quite the nine

aces all right here come our quads


so our flush is up to a seven times

multiplier there

four aces the four-time


wow if you got four of a kind in this

game you’d really be killing it

well what’s interesting is it splits up

all the different four of a kinds even

if you’re playing jacks or better where

the four of a kinds all pay the same

amount it still has them split up and

they have different multipliers

i guess because they want the

multipliers to hang around they want to

entice people into the machine oh

trips here we go

what a four or fives uh p a thousand or

four hundred

wait yeah

250 no double no it’s only doubled oh

wait oh it is it’s over on the right

side there

yeah so they’ve got them all sorts of

chopped up

there we go four thousand all right

number one on the leaderboard let’s go

wait where

we’re number one 765. where are number



it’s very tiny for me to see it okay i

think that’s where we nope we’re going

to the moon

all right matt wants to get the four

kings here too

finish it


all right all right now we’ll end it

we’re number one on the leaderboard can

we add a message here right there there

we’ve we finally uh made the leaderboard


okay all right so we got everybody uh it

was an experience learning experience

for us if you like double double bonus

we were learning you were learning uh


10 6 double double bonus is the best

paid table you’re going to find we were

playing nine six which is almost 99

percent what was the 98 point uh


sorry i was trying to put i was trying

to put some shameless promotion in here

you’re gonna have to end with a straight

flush nope not wow oh and i knocked this

out of the leaderboard

i was trying to add a message are we

completely out of the leaderboard we’re

five points off

wait no then you have to you have to we

gotta go back you gotta go back i was

trying to add a message to tell people

to follow us on youtube because if

you’re in first place you get you get to

put a message out there oh god

we’re in a death spiral now i ruined it

i ruined everything

you’re you’re like the one the people in

the casino that says okay i’m only ten

dollars away from my started with three

hundred dollars today i’m

i’ve almost got it all back i just need

10 more dollars i’ll get this 10 dollars

and i’ll stop and then they go on a

downward spiral okay so uh let’s just go

ahead and stop this video before i screw

this up okay now go okay

okay i’m committed faith in you we’re

we’re in our death spiral here

well maybe not that much faith

i’ve got faith all right if we get back

to even i’m giving up

well you should you should stopped

before i tried to stop i pressed enter i

pressed enter to type a message and it

played another hand

we blew it

why don’t you blow it one more don’t

blame it on me yeah you’re right

all right so how much are we doing are

we down we’re still up 195.


we’re in second place oh it says we’re

280 i guess it hasn’t updated there oh

there it goes 195 third place

all right so what you wanted to be in

the first place i wanted to to add the

message to tell everybody to follow us

on youtube but it’s too too late


all right

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