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Steady Gleaners’ quilt (bottom)
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Graphic by Deseronto Archives
A red and white quilt produced in 1894 by the Constant Gleaners, a group of females affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of the Redeemer, Deseronto, Ontario, possibly with the aim of boosting cash for missionary perform. This quilt could have been created for these kinds of a purpose. The signatures of the girls in the society are embroidered onto the squares of the quilt.

The names on this 50 % of the quilt are (best to bottom, left to right):
Bella Smyth
Mrs Wm. Gamble
Florence A. Davis
Mrs F. S. Rathbun
Alice McGault
Mrs C. E. Ravin
Mrs J. W. McCaw
Mrs G. Genge
Mrs Wm. Mitchell
Mrs R. J. Craig, President
Mrs Frank S. Hall [Bessie]
Annie Hill
Mrs McCoy
Mrs F. H. Sims
Mrs J. D. Dulmadge
Mrs J. Douglas
Tillie Maxwell
Mrs D. Dant

The upper 50 % of the quilt has more names.

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