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House Rules:

By downloading any from TheVirtualCasino group, the player agrees to the following terms and conditions:
The player understands that they may have only one active account per player, per name, per family, per computer, per address and per credit card, unless by prior agreement by the Casino management. Use or creation of multiple accounts is strictly forbidden and may result in the forfeiture of ALL bonus funds received and winnings derived from such bonuses. Contact customer service if you have lost or forgot your username or password.
All account information supplied when opening a real money account must be completely factual. Wrong or incomplete account information will result in voided wins and closed accounts.
Players understand that it is imperative that the player safeguard all of their account information. If a second party obtains access to player account information through the player’s neglect, the casino will not be held liable for any resulting repercussions.
Only one type of bonus is permitted per player, name, IP addresses, Names, Addresses, Telephone Numbers or email addresses. Furthermore, the casino reserves the right to disqualify accounts from receiving bonuses with information that is deemed suspicious. The player is welcome to participate in the casino’s refer a friend program, as long as they understand that they will not receive credit for referring family or co-habitants.
Each promotion offered may have its specific restrictions depending on the promotion sent by the casino and/or its affiliates. The restrictions on the promotion super seeds all standard rules. Please read the restriction on the specific promotion before using it. Improper use of the bonus/free chip may result in forfeiture of winnings.

Promotional Money Rules:

To qualify for withdrawal or payment, a player must wager the deposit plus bonus received by the number of play through requirements attached to the bonus used. Alternately, if the player has not used any bonus coupon, they may request a payment at anytime. If you play on any bonus that you are not entitled to, accounting may void the bonus and/or win. The chart below shows an example of most play through requirements and bonus percentages:
To qualify for withdrawal or payment, a player must wager the deposit plus bonus received by the number of play through requirements attached to the bonus used. The chart below shows an example of most play through requirements and bonus percentages:


Bonus Percentage Play throughGet More Free Chips

All Games Play through BlackJack (if more than 50% play is BlackJack) Play through Real Series Slot Machines (if more than 50% play is RSVS) Cashable Bonus Maximum Withdrawal Limit
Free chip 20 times 30 times 20 times xxx Amount of Chip
Comp Points 10 times 15 times 10 times xxx 5 times amount *unless previously cashed out. Than amount of comps only.
30% or less 10 times 15 times 10 times Fully cashable unlimited
31-99% 15 times 20 times 15 times 75% Non cashable* 15 times deposit
100-199% 15 times 25 times 20 times 75% Non cashable* 10 times deposit
200-299% 20 times 30 times 25 times Non cashable* 10 times deposit
300-399% 30 times 40 times 35 times Non cashable* 10 times deposit
400%+ Min 40 time or higher (Promotions Specific rules) Min 50 time or higher (Promotions Specific rules) Min 45 time or higher (Promotions Specific rules) Non cashable* 10 times deposit
Cash back 15 times 20 times 15 times Non cashable* Max of original deposit amount


Bonus Percentage Play through Play through BlackJack (if more than 50% play is BlackJack) Play through Real Series Slot Machines (if more than 50% play is RSVS) Cashable Bonus Maximum Withdrawal
Free chip 20 times 25 times 20 times xxx Twice of amount of Chip
Comp Points 10 times 10 times 10 times xxx 10 times amount *unless previously cashed out. Than amount of comps only.
50% or less 10 times 15 times 10 times Fully cashable unlimited
51-149% 15 times 20 times 20 times Non cashable* 20 times deposit
150-249% 15 times 25 times 15 times Non cashable* 10 times deposit
250-399% 20 times 30 times 25 times Non cashable* 10 times deposit

Min 30 time or higher
(Promotions Specific rules)
Min 40 time or higher
(Promotions Specific rules) Min 35 time or higher
(Promotions Specific rules) Non cashable* 10 times deposit
Cash back 10 times 15 times 10 times Non cashable* Max of original deposit amount
Promotions are for a limited time only and the casino reserves the right to terminate any promotion at any time without prior notice.
If a player has a pending payment in any casino from TheVirtualCasino group, they may open accounts at additional casinos from the TheVirtualCasino group, however are not entitled to use fully cashable or bonuses of over 100% unless the player receives written authorization from management.
Unless otherwise stated, a coupon code may only be used once per deposit. Likewise, the Player may redeem one coupon code per deposit unless explicitly advertised in the promotion.
The player understands that they have the ability to request a payout and cancel the withdrawal and place it back into their account balance. Such “reversals” are not considered a ‘redeposit’ and will not be any case is able to receive any type of bonus. A ‘redeposit’ will only be able to receive a matching bonus when management approves the payout and re-deposits it into the player’s account with the player’s consent. A redeposit bonus cannot come with a cash back bonus.
Play-through requirements do not include the following games: CRAPS, ROULETTE, WAR and BACCARAT.
Upon the casino manager’s discretion, a client may be allowed to meet the play through requirements using any of these 4 games. Please contact the casino manager for more information. The player must have received e-mail conformation of the rule change.
If a Player uses a coupon designated only for certain game(s) and play other game(s), then management has the right to void the bonus and winnings.
In any case that the maximum cash out is applied; the casino reserves the right to remove the excess, non cashable amount from the player’s account balance. Similarly, when a player cashes out a win involving a non cashable bonus, the bonus itself will be deducted from the cash out amount requested upon approval.

The maximum cashable bonus amount is $250.00
For VIP customers the max bonus cashable is $500.00
If a player has a withdrawal pending in their account, he/she may not apply any bonus money to their next deposit, nor may they make a request for cash back. If the cash out processing takes more than 48 hours and the customer would like to make a new deposit he can claim up to a max bonus of 100% and there is no cash back applicable. In any event the bonus should not be more than 100% otherwise the winnings will be forfeited, unless the player receives a prior written agreement with management.

If a request for a bonus is made or the player uses a coupon while having a pending withdrawal, winnings may be forfeited on all the successive deposits and the original deposit returned, this case is within the management’s discretion to grant otherwise.

Please note, in the following events if a player wins without using a bonus or uses a no max bonus, the 10 times of deposit as maximum cash out rule will apply to the most recent deposit in which the winnings were generated if:

1. the sum total amount of bonuses received during the entire lifetime of the account (or any other account opened in the casino) is 100% or more than the total deposits made or
2. If on the past 2 deposits the customer received a bonus over 100%
3. A player requests the casino manager to redeposit any portion of a withdrawal in pending

In order to by pass this lifetime max cashout rule, the player must have explicit written permission from the casino before making the deposit, and beginning play.
Only one promotion may be applied at one time to any player and promotions cannot be combined, unless otherwise stated. The player must request a bonus prior to playing their deposit. If a player requests a bonus after playing on their deposit, they will only be entitled to either a cash back bonus or a free chip. The player understands that they must request their free chip and/or cash back bonus associated with a previous deposit immediately before making another deposit or redeeming another coupon or forfeit their free chip and/or cash back bonus.
Players from certain geographical areas must play twice the stated play through rules, are not entitled to fully cashable bonuses and are not entitled to redeem free chips: Denmark, Australia, Israel, Austria, Poland, China, Finland, The Czech Republic, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Thailand, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Pakistan. The casino reserves the right to edit this list without prior notice as well as exclude any individual or group of individuals from using any particular bonus.
If a player has been placed in a player class that excludes them from taking certain bonuses and opens another casino account with a skin from TheVirtualCasino family, the same restrictions and exclusions will be applied to their new account.
Players are not entitled to accumulate slots bonus points (such as the Frozen Assets Snowflake Bonus and the Diamond Mine Deluxe Bonus) off of any type of casino promotional money/comps with the intention of hitting the previously acquired win with a deposit with no bonus or a no maximum cashout bonus. Such wins will be considered null and void and will be removed from the player’s account, and their deposit returned.

Rules for Progressive Games:Slotland Exclusive bonus

With Free Chips or any bonus of over 30% you are not allowed to play Progressive games. To qualify for a claim on winnings for any of the progressive games, the customer must not claim or use a bonus/coupon above 30%. The casino reserves the right to nullify any winnings on any of the progressive games generated from bonuses/coupons above 30%

Games that are excluded:
Table Games
– Caribbean Stud Poker
Slot machines
– Card Shark (5 reel slot machine)
– Crazy Dragon (5 reel slot machine)
– Shopping Spree (5 reel slot machine)
– Its good to be bad
– Light Speed.
– I.R.I.S. 300
– MidLife Crisis
– Super Diamond Mine
– Win A Million


Select the banking method of your choice:

Neteller (Except US based transactions):
Neteller is a renowned service as secure and convenient. This is the choice deposit/withdrawal option for a number to casino clients, both inside and outside the US.
I want to sign up with Neteller!
Deposit with Neteller
Neteller InstaCash (Except US based transactions):
instaCASH is the fastest and most secure way to transfer money from your bank account to an online merchant. You don’t need a special bank account – any valid checking account will work.

Upon successful instaCASH registration, you will have immediate access to Level One instaCASH – which entitles you to deposit up to $750 per week. You can deposit anywhere from $10 to the amount of your current limit in a single transaction.
I want to sign up with Neteller Insta-Cash!
Deposit with Neteller Insta-Cash
Citadel (Except US based transactions):
Citadel Commerce is the Secure Way to Pay. Fund your account via e-check. Complete Privacy. Total Security. Simple Convenience.
Deposit with Citadel


Credit Card:
Visa/MasterCard Online:
Our Casino accepts Visa/MasterCard via online transactions. The online cashier is available to all members. All transactions in the cashier are credited instantly.
Deposit with Credit Card

Your credit card transaction will be processed through our parent company Process Money Online Inc Limited. Located in SO15 2DB Southampton, 2a / 3a Bedford Place, UK, and the purchase will show as “VIRTUALSPORTS” in your credit card statement. Your credit card will be billed immediately after purchase. All transactions are in USD.

We recommend the cardholder to print out all transaction data, the rules of the game, the cancellation regulations, and the payment methods in order to avoid misconceptions and discussions at a later time.

If your card shows a double charge, or was charged by mistake or without your authorization, we will consider your case and if a valid case is presented, we will refund your purchase. In case you acknowledge the charge but want to cancel the transaction and request a fund, please send an email to or call us at 1-866-968-7946 / 1-866-658-9751.

Please contact our customer support for further information about your transaction and about refunds and cancellation.
myCitadel (Except US based transactions):
myCitadel is an easy to use virtual wallet that allows you to transfer and withdraw funds directly from your bank account to hundreds of merchants that support myCitadel as a payment option, in a secure manner. Setting up a myCitadel account is quick and easy. If you already use Citadel Checks to deposit to a merchant then you are pre-approved for a myCitadel account.

Visit to create a myCitadel account.
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Fund your account without credit card. The ACH is a highly reliable and efficient nationwide batch-oriented electronic funds transfer system, which provide for the interbank clearing of electronic payments for participating depository financial institutions. It takes usually 5 working days to clear your funds

General FAQ.CoolCat

01. Q: What is Virtual Casino?
A: Virtual Casino is a group of online casinos providing true-to-life Vegas style gaming action in the comfort and privacy of your own home. All casinos under the group utilize Virtual Casino software. Powered by REAL TIME GAMING.
02. Q: How do I get started?
A: First, open an account with us by downloading the free Virtual Casino software located on the website home page. Once downloaded, the Virtual Casino logo will appear on your desktop.

Select “New Account” and enter your desired username and password along with your contact information. Please note that your password is case sensitive so pay close attention to the case in which it is entered to ensure a successful first login.

Now that your account has been created, click on the Virtual Casino logo (V) on your desktop and enter the casino. You have the option of playing for fun, or wagering real money.

If you have any problems downloading the Virtual Casino software, please refer to the technical FAQ’s #1 and #2. Otherwise, you can e-mail for further assistance. For deposits and withdrawal options, please refer to question #1 of the Banking FAQ’s, or the Bank Info section of the website.
03. Q: What games do you offer?
A: We currently offer more than 75 exciting games including:
6 forms of blackjack with multi hand option, Caribbean Poker, Craps, Keno, Tri-Card poker, Slot Machines, Baccarat, Let ‘Em Ride, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, American and European Roulette, War, Video Poker, Multi Hand Video Poker. We also add new games as they become available.
04. Q: Is this legal?
A: International law is very complex, and we do not know the specific laws that may apply to where you live. We operate under strict compliance with all local laws, and urge you to access our site only if you know that you are in compliance with your local laws regarding online gaming. International law and banking regulations require Virtual Casino to request players from The Czech Republic, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Thailand, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Pakistan complete and return a “Fax Back Form”.
05. Q: Are my winnings reported for tax purposes?
A: All transactions are strictly confidential. We will not report any activity to any government agency.
06. Q: What currencies do you accept?
A: All wagering is done in U.S. dollars. However, you may make a deposit with any currency you like and we will be glad to credit your account in U.S. dollars, at the true bank exchange rate..


Technical FAQ.CoolCat

01. Q: I am trying to create an account and it tells me that an account already exists.
A: The message you are getting from the computer claiming that the account already exists means that the account name you’ve chosen is already in use by another player. You need to either modify it by adding numbers or choosing a less common name.
02. Q: I am getting a message that says “Unable to connect.”
A: If you downloaded the software and it does not connect, check your Internet connection. Please note that you have to be online to play at our casino. If you are connected to the Internet and you are still experiencing problems, you might need to re-download the software or check that you are not behind a Proxy server or Firewall. If problem persists leave the casino and re sign in. If this has not solved the problem, please contact customer support.
03. Q: Why do I keep getting an Invalid Password message?
A: If you have just been disconnected from the software or didn’t exit properly, the system may still have you marked as logged-in. Please wait approximately 5-10minutes for the automatic disconnection to finish before attempting to re-connect. If you still get the same message at this point, please contact Casino Support at

It is also possible that you may be entering the wrong password. Remember the account name and password are case sensitive; so make sure that you are entering them in correctly.
04. Q: I’ve forgotten my password. What can I do?
A: Simple, just click here and follow the instructions (click here)


Banking FAQ.Play Now

01. Q: How do I make a real money deposit?
A: Virtual Casino offers several convenient methods of payment including:

Citadel Commerce: Citadel Commerce is a very secure way to pay. You may fund your account via e-check or credit cards while maintaining complete privacy. Please remember this has a 5 day wait on new accounts with them.
Neteller: Neteller offers convenient money transfers and payment options to millions of merchants and people on the web. Use your VISA, MasterCard or your checking account to fund your Neteller account. Signup with Neteller and fund your account in one easy step.
Fire Pay: Using FirePay is a little like using a debit card. You set up a web-based FirePay Personal Account where you deposit funds, and like a debit card, you can make purchases using those funds. One of the advantages of using FirePay is that online merchants never need to see your payment information. Plus it’s absolutely free for members – only merchants are charged a service fee.
On Demand Funds: OnDemandFunds delivers real-time, live person, fully interactive solutions for both domestic and international customers, making it possible for up-to-the-minute funds transfer to be available across the globe. Just call toll free 1-866-669-4633. It’s Safe, Easy and your bank won’t block the transactions! When you are asked for our Merchant Number tell them “79687906″.

Credit Card – Visa/MasterCard: Credit card deposits may be made through our eCash processor from the Bank section of the casino. Just click on “deposit money”, and enter your credit card information. Our financial transaction processor handles multiple alternative payment options. Because of that sometimes different Processor names may appear in your monthly statement.

Our Casino will reimburse costs incurred to deposit $50 or more into your account. We will credit these costs into your account as bonus funds.
02. Q: Why can’t I deposit?
A: Please ensure that the address on your account at Virtual Casino matches the address on your credit card account and that you have the correct email address in your account information. If all of your information is correct, the processor may be temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. For any questions or concerns regarding failed or denied credit card transactions, or if you need to update/change your casino account information, please contact
03. Q: How do I make a withdrawal?
A: Requests for withdrawals are processed through the banking section of our software. Just tell the software how much of your balance you wish to withdraw and select your desired method. The minimum withdrawal amount is $25. Players may request a withdrawal from their account at any time but are limited to four withdrawals per month. The total withdrawal amount cannot exceed $5,000 per month.
04. Q: How long will it take to get my withdrawal?
A: There is a two-stage process when you make your withdrawal. The first stage is getting the withdrawal approved. This will consist of verifying that wagering requirements have been met and that any bonus money has been used properly. The process normally takes approximately 2 business days.

Stage two involves processing of the payment. This procedure takes between 2 and 14 business days depending on the method of deposit and payment you choose.
05. Q: How often may I cash out?
A: You may submit one withdrawal every 8 days.
06. Q: Can I redeem a coupon or receive a bonus if I reverse a pending withdrawal?
A: Reversing a pending withdrawal back to your casino balance does not count as a deposit and therefore you may not claim a bonus on any reversed withdrawal amount. Once your withdrawal has been approved and you are waiting for payment, you may then reverse funds and receive a bonus, as the money is then treated as a new deposit.
07. Q: What is a coupon?

Coupons are the bonus options available to you upon making a deposit. They are usually offered in the form of a pre-specified percentage of your deposit or a fixed amount that can be redeemed by you on your next deposit. There are two types of redemption options:

No Play through: With this type of coupon, bonus money will be immediately placed into your account, ready to be played.

Play through: With this type of coupon, you must play through (wager) a certain number of times your original deposit before you receive the bonus. For example, if you deposited $100 and coupon is configured for 4 times play through, you would receive the bonus after you’ve wagered $400 (total bets).
08. Q: How do I redeem a Coupon?

All you have to do is follow these six easy steps to redeem your bonus:Play Now

Look for the five-digit alphanumeric code in the e-mail or newsletter sent to your address.
Log into the casino and click on the “cashier” button.
Click on “Redeem Coupon”, enter your coupon code and hit redeem. (You must redeem your coupon before you make your deposit.)
Click on the “deposit” button and make your deposit.
Enter the casino and complete the play through requirements (if there are any specified with the coupon).
Log out of the cashier and into your favorite game. Your bonus will automatically be credited to your account. Once your bonus is credited, it is yours to either play with or withdraw.

09. Q: How do I redeem my Virtual Casino Comp/Reward points?
A: Simply enter the casino bank and click on the “deposit.” From the pull down menu select “Comp Points’ enter the amount of comp points you wish the click on deposit. You will receive an e-mail response when your points are redeemed. The minimum amount of Virtual Casino points you can redeem is 10. The maximum redeemable amount is $1000.00 daily. Should you have any further questions regarding Virtual Casino’s Comp/Reward points, please e-mail

Security FAQ.

01. Q: How secure is my personal information?
A: Virtual Casino and all of its member casinos will not provide any of your information (name, address, phone number, credit card, or win/loss balance) to anyone (including government agencies) unless there is suspicion of criminal activity on the account.
02. Q: What happens if I break one of the rules & regulations?
A: Our security staff will generally spot violations of the rules and regulations and In that event, will contact you via e-mail.
03. Q: What is a ‘Fax Back Form’, and where can I request one?
A: A ‘Fax Back Form’ is a way for Virtual Casino and our Payment Processing companies to verify your personal and banking information provided upon account set-up. By filling out and returning the form, Virtual Casino will be able to ensure smooth operation of you account and allow players to play (for money) from countries that had previously been blocked. Click here to download the fax back form.

The form can also be requested from You may then FAX it to +506-296-7463 or Toll Free Fax number 1-888-579-4555.
04. Q: Why do I have to complete a ‘Fax Back Form’ before I can deposit real money?
A: Our systems automatically place a suspension on any account that accesses our software from certain countries. These countries either have banking rules that make it difficult to perform financial transactions or have a history of fraudulent activity. The form also verifies your age and residence.
05. Q: Why do I have to complete a ‘Fax Back Form’ when I have been playing for real money already?
A: There are situations when our systems will tell you that you cannot deposit or withdrawal without a ‘Fax Back Form’. This is usually caused by some credit card activity on the casino account. If you use a credit card on more than one casino account, our systems will suspend the account and ask you to send in a ‘Fax Back Form’. If at any time you are having trouble with the software and it mentions a ‘Fax Back Form’, please contact us by e-mail, telephone, or live chat, and we will be more than happy to explain your situation.


Vegas Strip Casino COMP REWARDS:

At Vegas Strip Casino, we reward the loyalty of our players by promotions, bonuses, prizes, freebies and VC COMP AWARDS. Remember: Play more and Get More $$$$!

VC Comps Q and A’s
Redeeming your VC Comps for FREE CHIPS
VC Comps Redemption Rules
Redeem My Comps Now!

VC Comps Q and A’s
Q: What is a VC Comp?
A: A VC Comps are points that you accumulate during real money sessions.

Q: How do I receive VC Comps?
A: As soon as you download Vegas Strip Casino and create an account, log into “play for real”. Then, submit a deposit and you will automatically receive VC Comps during your exciting gaming sessions. Play away and watch your comps add up!

Q: What can I do with my VC Comps?
A: You may redeem your comps for either: Free Chips (=forma de comp) or Prizes at the Gift Shop.

Redeeming your VC Comps for FREE CHIPS:

Casino Game Amount Wagered to Earn Point
Blackjack (All types) 2500
Roulette (European/ American) 750
Slot Machine (All machines) 750
Caribbean Stud Poker 1250
Let em Ride 2500
Paigow Poker 2500
Red Dog 1250
Tri Card Poker 2500
Video Poker (All machines) 2500
Baccarat 2500
Craps 1250
War 1750
Keno 2500

Every 1 Comp pt = $1

VC Comps Redemption Rules:Amsterdams Casino

Playthrough requirements on comp pts = 10 times its value.
Max cash out on the comp pts is 5 times its value.
You must at least have 10 comp pts to convert it to its dollar equivalent.
Please allow for up to 24 hours to have your comps redeemed.
Comp points or associated bonuses are a privilege offered to our loyal customers.
Management reserves the right to withhold those privileges without prior warning.
Rules and regulations are subject to change.


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